6th March 2016

Another show up on the internet!

This time we were joined in the studio by the Chaosbunny, Tracy and Kevin and we merrily ripped into some great music, old and new….

Part One – HERE
Part Two – HERE

Also, Here are the links for our regular guest, Nina Gerstenberger’s new film, ‘Midnight of my Life’





7th February – 4 hour birthday show!

It seems amazing that the show has been going for over a year. We celebrated in style with birthday cake and numerous guests, including Gino for an interesting chat re his new show and the current state of music today, Fabia and Janet, Both of whom had a go at running the mixing desk, doing at least as well as we do, with all of our combined *ahem* professionalism. Since there was a handily empty slot after the show, we managed to caper about the studio with a random number of presenters for a whopping four hours – thanks to Sarah in the USA and a random number of patient Janine jkuhl fans all the way over in Jamaica, proving, once again that our audience can sometimes outnumber the people in the studio!



Part one – HERE

Part two – HERE

Part three – HERE

Part four – HERE

The second two hours was supposed to be a retrospective of punk and post punk music that got sorta derailed as various people drifted in and out and made various requests, due to the usual levels of last minute descisions and anarchy – could you tell. Ah well, maybe another time….